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What can I help with?


My private work involves providing talking therapy for a range of difficulties people may experience in their lives. These may include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, bereavement, obsessive-compulsive disorders, personality disorders and interpersonal or unresolved childhood issues. 


How long will the therapy last?


One of the advantages in seeing a private therapist is that there is more flexibility as there are no set session limits that are often imposed within NHS/public services. However, some specific presenting problems only require a brief course of sessions (6-16 sessions) whilst for other difficulties the person may benefit from a more longer term course. You are not obliged to complete a set number of sessions, although I would recommend attending an ending session if you decide to end. This allows us to explore the issues with regards to you ending therapy and to formally end our professional relationship.


How much does it cost?

Self referrals: Individual therapy

Session (50 minutes) fees are £100 per session

Insurance/agency/other referrals: Individual Therapy

£120 per session (50-60 minute appointment including admin time)

When can I be seen?

I can usually see people within two weeks, although this would depend on how full my clinic is at time of contact.  

What happens if I am unable to attend an appointment?

I understand that things come up in life and sometimes you may have to cancel. I usually require cancellations to be made within a minimum 24 hour notice period.

How do we start?

Please contact me and we can arrange our first appointment. The first appointment is an initial consultation where there is  an opportunity for you to assess whether the therapeutic service I offer is right for you and for me to assess whether I am the best person to help you. I may suggest we proceed with further sessions or I may recommend you seek an alternative person or form of help.

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