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Psychological Therapy Contract



This therapeutic contract is between:


Psychologist -  Dr. Deepak Sankhla




Client –


What the Psychologist offers:


  • 50 minute sessions at agreed appointment times

  • Sessions will aim to develop a professional therapeutic relationship and support the client to develop a psychological understanding of their presenting issue(s)

  • Psychological support for a range of mental health problems, life stress and interpersonal issues.

  • The Psychologist will use one or more evidence based psychological model(s)/approach dependent on client’s presenting issue(s)

Psychologist responsibilities:

  • To be available at the agreed date and time

  • To start and end on time

  • To offer a quiet, appropriate and undisturbed space online

  • To maintain a safe and professional relationship with the client

  • To regard all contact and information as confidential unless there is reasonable doubt concerning actual safety of the client or others (refer to confidentiality and supervision sections)

  • To encourage client autonomy

  • To work within the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and British Psychological Society (BPS) professional and ethical framework

  • To review therapeutic work and relationship regularly

  • To arrange an alternative appointment ASAP in the unlikely event of the Psychologist cancelling a session

Client responsibilities:

  • To maintain a professional relationship with the Psychologist and attend sessions punctually

  • To make a commitment to attending sessions regularly and completing agreed homework task

  • To give a minimum 24 hour notice when cancelling/changing an appointment

  • To pay the full fee (£--) if the session is cancelled in less than 24 hours

  • To give consent for the Psychologist to contact client’s GP if there are serious concerns about risk to self (client) or others

  • To discuss with the Psychologist when you feel you are ready to end therapy

  • To let the Psychologist know if you are in or are considering entering another therapeutic relationship


There are boundaries and limits to confidentiality in certain cases:

  1. The Psychologist feels you are in danger or at serious risk of being harmed

  2. The client infers involvement in or knowledge of an act of terrorism or of money laundering

  3. The client infers knowledge of or involvement in drugs trafficking

  4. The client infers knowledge of involvement in behaviours that may, in the Psychologist’s opinion, lead to harm or neglect to children and vulnerable adults.



In order for the Psychologist to maintain objectivity, verify psychological formulation/treatment and/or obtain a second opinion, aspects of the client’s sessions will regularly be taken to another Psychologist for clinical supervision. At no time will client names or any identifiable information be used. The Psychologist’s supervisor is also committed to the terms of confidentiality laid out in this contract.

Records of sessions

The Psychologist will keep written records of client session that will be stored securely and not be shared with anyone or used for any other purpose without permission from the client. 

Client records will contain:

  • Client information, attendance, dates of sessions, goals, outcomes, etc.

Client records may contain:

  • Process notes 

  • Clinical supervision notes

  • Practice issues for reflection in supervision

Non- attendance


Should you cancel within less than the 24 hours’ notice agreed, or fail to attend an appointment without any notice, the full session fee of £-- will be chargeable. Extenuating circumstances will only be considered at the discretion of the Psychologist


Contacting the Psychologist


Phone:           020 4538 3009                    




Signed Client…………………………………………..     Date……………………………


Signed Psychologist…………………………………    Date……………………………

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